Saturday, June 24, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria 3

Yesterday we had the best tapas meal ever at Sol y Luna Restaurant in Puerto de Mogan!
We enjoyed the evening very much.
We also celebrated that it was 35 years since we met.

Sunny smiles from Hanne

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria 2

Today we walked up to Mirador, Puerto de Mogan - a view point several hundred steps up a steep hill.
It was a good workout on 2 crutches! It was well worth the effort - there were a lot of nice things to see along the stairs :-)


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria

We are having lazy days by the pool.
Life is good!

Sunny smiles from Hanne

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Purple hexagons

Testing some more from my phone 😃
This is one of the projects I am currently working on 😃


A Saturday finish :-)


Today I finished a gift for someone special.

I used blocks from my Ufo box and finished the cushion with my best fabrics.
I am not saving the best fabrics for last anymore!

The cushion looks so good I would love to have it for myself - it will be a good gift!

The recipient does not read my blog :-)

I tried to send this post from the Blogger app on my phone - it did not work out.
I want to send you a postcard from my vacation, so I have to figure out a way to do it.


Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are!


A treasure from long ago

I tried to blog from my phone, but could not add text, just the photo.

Do you have one of these treasures too?

I can not remember which grade we made this bags in - they were supposed to be used for gymnastic shoes and outfits.
Must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade - it is a long time ago and I still have mine - all made by hand :-)

Wishing  you a lovely Saturday


Friday, June 16, 2017

30 days without added sugar - check!


My daughter Elisabeth started a 30 Days Without Added Sugar Challenge starting from May 18th, and I decided to join.
Today is day 30, and I am happy to say I did it!

We did No added sugar - like in all kinds of sugar, honey, syrup etc. - and no added sweetener, so all diet drinks, chewing gums etc. were also out.

I have been reading labels!
I guess you know that as good as all store bought salad dressings have sugar in them, but did you know that most potato chips and salty crackers have sugar in them too?

How did I "survive"?
I have not been craving to much, and I have eaten some fruit or berries every day, with no sugar, no custard or no ice cream.

I have made chia pudding every now and then - chia seeds and unsweetened coconut milk, topped with fresh fruit and berries.
The serving above is made by Elisabeth and served instead of cake at her house for Sunday coffee.


Unsweetened crepes with melon, nectarine and strawberries for dessert

20170531_160337Mixed fruit and berries - yummy

I have been to social gatherings, and done well -
at one time I took a small bowl of something that looked like fresh fruit, but it turned out it had sugar drizzled on. I could not leave the bowl without being rude, so -  Well - I ate it and enjoyed it, and did not lash myself for it - I just picked up and continued where I left, having no more sugary stuff after.

We had an exception for birthdays, and I have attended 1 birthday.
I tasted both the cakes in moderation, but boy were they sweet…… to sweet really….. and it gave me a very upset stomach during the night…..

30 days is not that much in the big picture, but I am determined to stay on a healthier diet from now on.
Fresh fruit and berries gives both sweet taste, vitamins and fibre - sugary sweets  gives sugar and a gazillion additives that can not be are not good for me!

The only thing I have really missed is my breakfast marmalade - so from tomorrow morning I will enjoy it again :-)

In my quest to be healthier I am as from today drinking 1,5 litres (51 fl. oz.) water every day for 30 days, hoping to make that a good habit too!

I do not drink fruit juice or soft drinks with sugar or sweeteners from before, and I do know that I need to hydrate more with water than what I already do!


TGIF - have a good one !


It was a good plan!


As promised, I started Monday morning doing 2 hours on this quilt, United Stitches, and when the 2 hours were up, I felt like doing more, so I did.

By the end of the day the June focus project was at this stage - the top done, except from the borders.

The border fabric has been washed and is waiting to be added.

I am going on vacation for 2 weeks on Monday, so I'll transfer this project to July.
That's a plan too, right?


Wishing you a lovely Friday,
wherever you are


Sunday, June 11, 2017

This and that in Quilt Corner


My June focus quilt project has been badly neglected, and I think it has to do with the fact that it is machine work and not hand work……..
Tomorrow is another Monday, and I promise to give my focus project at least 2 hours, and then some daily attention until the quilt top is done.

Instead I have been stitching - another block for Best Friends Forever quilt above,


and a miniature ABC sampler.
I am not sure what to do with it next, but it is up on my peg board right now, looking good :-)


I just bought this vintage coffee table table cloth on an internet auction. I love it so much and I am looking forward to do some stitching on it, but I will let it wait until the winter I think, as I have other projects that need more attention first.


Above you see a quarter of the table cloth - and from what I have been able to find out, it is from the 1960s or early 1970s,

I plan to do it with black floss only, to create a more timeless look.
If you know anything about this design and when it is from, please let me know :-)



Potholders - Grytelapper - tutorial

Over the years I have crocheted a lot of thick good cotton potholders.
I love them and use them in my kitchen all the time, and they make good gifts too.

I have decided to share my pattern with you, on request - it is fun and easy to crochet with a thick needle and double yarn.

The potholders are made with double cotton yarn and are double layers.
I prefer to decorate my potholders with buttons, which in my eyes lifts them from ordinary to Great, but that is optional :-)

Since I crochet with double yarn, I prefer this thickness of yarn:


My crochet hook of choice is no. 5

Here goes:

You need 2 balls of yarn for 1 pair of potholders.

Chain 28 stitches
Begin in the 4th stitch from your hook and double crochet 25 stitches, which gives you 26 stitches -  count the 3 chains in the beginning of the row as 1 stitch.
Every row starts with 3 chains - and then 25 double crochet = 26 stitches
Repeat until you have 12 rows.

Make 4 squares.

Layer 2  and 2 squares together and join them around the edge with single crochet stitch.

Row 1: I do 1 stitch in every stitch through both layers on the sides, and 2 stitches around every double crochet stitch on the top and the bottom edge.
In every corner I do 3 single crochet stitches in 1 stitch, to make the corner square.

Row 2: 1 single crochet 1 stitch in every stitch - 3 single crochet stitches in 1 stitch in the corners.
In the middle of the top I make a jump with 5 chain stitches - see photo - to make a hole for hanging the potholder.

Row 3: 1 single crochet stitch in every stitch - 3 single crochet stitches in 1 stitch the corners and 6 single stitches over the hanging loop from row 2.

Corner / Hjørne

Norsk - Norwegian

Du trenger 2 nøster garn til 1 par grytelapper.

Legg opp 28 luftmasker med dobbelt garn og heklekrok nr. 5

Begynn i 4. maske fra nålen og hekle 25 staver. Det gir deg 26 masker på raden når du teller med de første 3 luftmaskene.

Hekle 12 rader, ta av tråden og hekle 3 ruter til, så du har i alt 4 ruter

Legg 2 og 2 ruter sammen og hekle kant med fastmasker:

Rad 1: Hekle 1 fastmaske i hver maske, gjennom begge lagene,  i hver side på grytelappen og 2 fastmasker over hver stav langs kanten oppe og nede.
I hvert hjørne hekler du 3 fastmasker i 1 fastmaske for å få et fint hjørne.

Rad 2: Hekle 1 fastmaske i hver fastmaske + 3 fastmasker i 1 fastmaske i hjørnene. Midt på oppe hopper jeg over noen masker og lager 5 luftmasker til hempe.

Rad 3: Hekle 1 fastmaske i hver fastmaske fra forrige rad + 3 fastmaske i 1 fastmaske i hjørnene. Hekle 6 fastmasker  over hempen fra rad 2.


Loop / Hempe

Please keep in mind that this is my pattern and I enjoy sharing it with you.

You can make as many potholder as you like, to keep, to give away or to sell, adjusting the size if you so prefer
I will ask you kindly not to teach from my pattern and
not to copy it to your blog or website.
You are welcome to refer your friends to my blog to print their own pattern :-)

Vær så snill å huske at dette er mitt mønster og jeg liker å dele det med deg.
Jeg vil be deg å ikke  undervise fra mitt mønster og ikke kopiere det til din blogg eller webside.
Du må gjerne linke slik at dine venner kan printe selv :-)

Some colour ideas:



Have fun crocheting