Tuesday, November 28, 2017

When one door closes, another door opens


It is nice, cool and quite liberating how coming out of the closet as one who is re-organizing my whole sewing and crafting life ignites a new spark of the good creativity feeling.

Since I have decided to use from what I have in order to make more room around myself, I see what I have with new eyes.


It was so fun to finish the United Stitches quilt in August.
The 32 different stitcheries has been with me on travels near and far, and bring back happy memories.
I have another set of the pre-printed stitcheries - I wonder if I should make that set in another colour - but not just right now.


One way to make a dent in my fabric collection is to make more care quilts for children with cancer and other long term diseases through Tepper Som Varmer (Warming Quilts)
Not that 1 quilt top make that much of a dent - 1 quilt top equals 1 jelly roll - but the more quilt tops, the more dents!
3 green tops down so far :-)


I have been knitting from my yarn stash too - Monster socks for a small monster, age 3 years - and a pair for the monster's twin brother too :-)


Thanks from my heart for all the lovely comments on my previous post!

Take care - Hanne

Thursday, November 23, 2017

This & That - taking inventory


Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

I feel like I have a lot to be thankful for - for family and friends, for my urge to create, for floss and sharp needles, for wool, fabrics and good tools.

The last 4,5 months has been very hard on my body, and quite sobering for my mind.
The foot took its time to heal, first in a pink cast, after in a purple cast, and it has taken like forever to start working with me again - not mostly for the pain, but for stiffness and lack of balance, which is still an issue.
It has been and is harder than I thought it would be - but I can never give up - even if the sewing machine has been gathering dust for a long time.
I have been feeling very poorly and as I did not want to whine, I kept to myself.

More than 6 weeks in a wheelchair full time gives perspective on what is important in my environment here at home!
It was so hard to not be able to do almost anything for myself - you will probably not understand if you have never been in that situation, and if you have been, you will fully understand.

Since I could do very little, sitting with my foot elevated all day long, which put me in a lean back uncomfortable body position, all I could do was some stitchery and some knitting.

The stitchery above is Kathy Schmitz last block of the month, and I am just done with stitchery no. 3.
I am not doing them in chronological order - as usual - I pick whichever I feel like doing in random order.
I absolutely LOVE Kathy Schmitz' drawings, and am looking forward to working with the rest of the BOM and other of her designs.


I have enjoyed quite a lot of knitting too - and this headband is one of my latest finishes - designed by MilkAndKnits, purchased on Ravelry.
I have already knitted another one, for a Christmas gift, in another colour.
I've used double soft baby wool - so not itching and scratching!


I have sorted through all my knitting yarn today, as part of my Simplify & Enjoy  2017 / 2018.
All the lovely colours make me want to create!

When I sat in the wheelchair with no other choice, it became so obvious that I need to pair down on my yarn and my fabrics, so that is, and will be, my project for 2017 / 2018, so when if accident (or planned surgery ) happen to me again, I can find and reach what I own, all by myself!
Independence rule!

cp awareness


Friday, July 07, 2017

Back home - and stuck at home


Puerto de Mogan was great, coming home on Monday night was great too, and I had a lot of plans for a busy machine sewing time in Quilt Corner for the next weeks.
Quilts, dresses and more……

Unfortunately, I had a bad fall, at home, the day
before yesterday…..
It was a fall with a bad twist of my foot and a very unfortunate landing - and voila, visit to hospital and pink cast for at least 5 weeks.
I am going in for a new x-ray next Friday, so I have my fingers crossed I will not need surgery on the broken bone in my foot. The surgeon said he has never seen a fracture like mine - good? or not so good?

I am happy my Quilt Corner can provide Plan B too - so from the original plan of a lot of sewing machine work, to hand piecing, English paper piecing, stitchery and some knitting.

A quirky one for my Norwegian friends:
En quilter/sydame er aldri (t)rådløs!  ;-)

Stay on your feet, wherever you are :-)


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria 4

We have been eating a lot of good food - and we have found a couple of favourite places.
We prefer the Spanish kitchen and the Italian kitchen.
Nothing beats fresh pasta, fresh made tapas or the local seafood.
We have not had many desserts, but the ones we have had have been great!

It is to hot to do any stitchery, it does not matter as long as I have audio books on my phone.


Saturday, June 24, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria 3

Yesterday we had the best tapas meal ever at Sol y Luna Restaurant in Puerto de Mogan!
We enjoyed the evening very much.
We also celebrated that it was 35 years since we met.

Sunny smiles from Hanne

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria 2

Today we walked up to Mirador, Puerto de Mogan - a view point several hundred steps up a steep hill.
It was a good workout on 2 crutches! It was well worth the effort - there were a lot of nice things to see along the stairs :-)


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Postcard from Gran Canaria

We are having lazy days by the pool.
Life is good!

Sunny smiles from Hanne

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Purple hexagons

Testing some more from my phone 😃
This is one of the projects I am currently working on 😃


A Saturday finish :-)


Today I finished a gift for someone special.

I used blocks from my Ufo box and finished the cushion with my best fabrics.
I am not saving the best fabrics for last anymore!

The cushion looks so good I would love to have it for myself - it will be a good gift!

The recipient does not read my blog :-)

I tried to send this post from the Blogger app on my phone - it did not work out.
I want to send you a postcard from my vacation, so I have to figure out a way to do it.


Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are!


A treasure from long ago

I tried to blog from my phone, but could not add text, just the photo.

Do you have one of these treasures too?

I can not remember which grade we made this bags in - they were supposed to be used for gymnastic shoes and outfits.
Must have been in 2nd or 3rd grade - it is a long time ago and I still have mine - all made by hand :-)

Wishing  you a lovely Saturday